Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ephesians: Better than Sushi on the Beach at Sunset

This past Sunday morning we started a new series in Sunday School called, "Ephesians: Better than Sushi on the Beach at Sunset." Strange name aside, here are a few reasons I absolutely love the book of Ephesians:

1) It is all about God's plan. In a Christian culture that is all about finding "God's will for MY life" Paul inverts this and says, "It's all about God giving you His will for His life in you." I love that! This is not to absolve our responsibility to seek God. But even, as the next point brings out, our responsibility is centered on being seated in Christ!

2) It's all about Christ. Watchman Nee has written a short little book on Ephesians called Sit. Walk. Stand. Don't let the size of the book fool you--it is full of outstanding truth! One of the best truths is that Christ is seated in Heaven, above all powers and forces (Eph. 1:20-23) and because we are "in Christ" we are seated with Christ too (2:4-6). This has many important ramifications. Nee gives one and I'll give one as well:

a. Nee demonstrates that our position in Christ reminds us that we simply need to rest and sit in WHO Christ is and what he has accomplished for us. We cannot make our sanctification progress by works. We simply have to rest in who God is and know that Christ is working out our sanctification.

b. Another important point, I think, is that because we are seated with Christ positionally over the rulers and authorities (Paul's shorthand for demons and spiritual forces), we are not enslaved to them and are protected from them. This does not mean we are unaware of Satan's schemes or that we cannot be demonically influenced (but not possessed!). Rather, it means that we have a way out! No temptation can seize us with no way of escape. God has seated us positionally in Christ and has secured our victory--there is always hope and always a way out.

I could list more reasons I love the book of Ephesians but I will sum it up by saying this: I love Ephesians because it reminds us that it is ALL about God and ALL about Christ. This world is His world, the church is His church, the life we live is His life in us, and the fight we are engaged in is His fight.

Ephesians: Definitely Better than Sushi on the Beach at Sunset

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  1. Amen. And I agree, the Watchman Nee book is excellent!