Friday, April 8, 2011

"Thirty-One Days of Power" Devotional Review

Devotionals, to me, are somewhat hit or miss honestly. What I look for in a good devotional is exegetical precision, depth, and relevance. I look for a devotional that will give me something to meditate upon frequently throughout my day. Since I am somewhat picky, I was hesitant to read Thirty-One Days of Power by Ruth Myers with Warren Myers.

There is little to say about the book, unfortunately, as it does nothing particularly well. It is is neither abysmal nor spectacular. It does cover the topic of spiritual warfare well. It frames most of its days like a prayer, chalked full of scripture. The second half of the book discusses spiritual warfare. The book covers the topic of spiritual warfare as thoroughly as a devotional can. It exhorts the believer to live in victory (as the title suggests) and provides application throughout. One solid reminder the devotional offers is that one must focus on the beauty of Christ rather than the evil of Satan. Many would do well to heed this reminder in the current Evangelical climate.

One could do worse in the area of devotionals than this. However, there are so many other excellent ones out there (such as John MacArthur's and D.A. Carson's devotionals) that Thirty-One Days of Power feels like a poor substitute.

*This book was sent to me as a review copy for Multnomah Publishing in exchange for a review*

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