Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Jesus + Nothing = Everything Book Review"

In the midst of the growing  number of books about the Gospel, Tullian Tchividjian, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, has written Jesus + Nothing = Everything--a book that really separates itself from the crowd.

Tullian has written a book about what it really looks like for believers to live a Gospel driven lifestyle where Jesus is everything. Having gone through a particularly excruciating situation when he first took over Coral Ridge, the author is certainly qualified at giving unique insight to what it means to let Jesus reign in our lives. Tullian walks us through the book of Colossians, giving constant reminders that our justification, sanctification and glorification is all because of Christ's finished work. As a result, our acceptance with God is not based on our works but on God's grace.

He walks us through these truths in five distinct sections that works the equation Jesus + nothing = everything backwards and then forwards ("Everything," "Nothing," "Jesus," "Nothing," "Everything"). While at times it feels as if each chapter is just a random collections of ideas related to the Gospel, I never felt as if the book was painful to get through. It feels as if Tullian balances the right mix of autobiography and exegesis throughout. Further, the book is immensely practical, constantly reminding the reader what it means to rely on Jesus fully for every area of our faith.

Although I wouldn't call Jesus + Nothing = Everything a must read, I think it is a good read. I think it is a helpful read. I would even say that considering the state of the church currently, it is a needed read. I think those who have read quite a bit of the recent material on the Gospel can probably bypass this book. However, if you can get a good price on the book, pick it up. It is worth your time.

*Thanks to Crossway Publishing for providing a free review copy of this book in exchange for a fair review*

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