Saturday, March 3, 2012

The People We Pass By...

I am sitting in a coffee shop. I am surveying a group of people that are talking, watching musicians and listening to poetry. Some of these people I went to college with. I had never talked with some of them before tonight. Some true lovely women are here--beautiful hearts, brilliant minds.

Most of them in college were overlooked by men who were seeking to score the perfect 10s.

They missed out.

They missed out on Godly, beautiful women. They missed out on sweet, hardworking wives. They missed out on women who are captivating and display God's beauty.

We pass people by so quickly. They don't meet our standard of beauty. They don't meet our expectations of what "cool" looks like. We stereotype so easily.

I've been asking God to help me see people the way he sees them. The idea of the "imago dei" (Image of God) keeps coming up again and again.

This world is beautiful and filled with beautiful people that need to hear of the love of God and the goodness of His creation. We need to let those who have been passed by that they are worth stopping for. We need to let them know that they are dignified.

We need to let them know that the Creator thinks they are marvelous. They need to know they are a masterpiece.

I am not just talking about unbelievers either.

Christians need to be reminded of this. Everyday.

Any proclamation of the Gospel that does not restore human dignity is not really the Gospel.

So preach the Gospel to yourself, to your family, to your church and to your friends.

Preach it those we pass by.

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