Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner and what the Real Issue Should Be for Christians

Let me get to the point quickly. If you are a Christian, the real issue concerning the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner saga is this: what Caitlyn has done is rebellion against a holy God and, unless she repents and turns to Christ, there will be judgment.

Here is why this is important to keep in mind.

1) There should be absolutely NO "I am morally superior to you" attitude when commenting on this issue. We too were once enemies of God. We too have on our resume "Former rebel against the Great King." It is by grace we have been saved. It is by grace that Caitlyn too, if she repents, will be saved. 

2) It should lead to a great urgency in prayer for Caitlyn. Hell is dreadful. We should take no delight in the prospect that Caitlyn may not repent. That should horrify us.

3)  The fact that the wrath of God is already being worked out (notice the present tense in Romans 1:18) should lead us to hurt for Caitlyn--not reject, scorn or detest her. We should equally preaching Romans 1 as we should Romans 3. There is a God who justifies from wrath.

4)  We should remember that sin is delusional by nature. Caitlyn is deluded by her sin. Sin has a toxic, blinding effect. The large number of Christian men who are addicted to pornography and often feel confused about how to escape are a testimony to how powerful sin is. This should lead us to sympathize with Caitlyn. Sin is a monster. Our sin natures are enemies. We will either be carried away by them or find a Savior who can rescue us from them. We are all in this boat together.

The prospect of hell should change the way we view Caitlyn. While I recognize the world is celebrating this (an option that no Christian should embrace), I am equally disturbed by the amount of people who are harping upon how disgusting this sin is. All sin is disgusting and worthy of judgment. Yes, gender transformation is wrong. Yes, it goes against God's creative plan.

But the real issue here is hell. Let us pray. Let us proclaim that there is still mercy (while it can be found). Let us mourn over our own sin. Let us mourn over our culture's sin. Let's not forget the Gospel is still out there for Caitlyn. God is sovereign in salvation. Let's proclaim that as our message.

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